Exploring the Local Farmers’ Market – Durham

In honor of New Hampshire Eat Local Month and NH Farmers’ Market Week I’m dedicating a week of blogs to New Hampshire’s Farmers’ Markets.

I started my farmers’ market journey in Salem. Where I had the chance to enjoy a friendly crowd, good food and fun New Hampshire made products.  Today I headed out toward the seacoast to the lovely little town of Durham. University of New Hampshire (UNH) calls Durham home. Durham is a bright and cheerful town although sort of quiet when the college kids head home for break.


A little about the Durham Farmers’ Market; it’s open Mondays, June – October from 2:15-5:30p.m. It’s located in the parking lot behind 15 New Market Road.

Durham is a small farmers’ market with a lot of charm. As you walk over towards the market the smells of fresh baked bread and fresh cut flowers catch your nose. The market is two rows of booths set up with a large isle in the middle for quick social meet ups from the regulars.

I found an a few diversions which were not available at the first farmers’ market. One that I really loved was Jessica Seaton Pottery; this young woman is very crafty with clay. Her bowls and pots, which were on display, were absolutely charming. She doesn’t have a website yet but she does have a facebook page where images of her art can be found and they are very beautiful. Definitely check this girl’s pottery out on Facebook!

Another pleasant surprise was an organic vendor, Stout Oak Farm out of Brentwood run by Kate Donald. She had an amazing selection of tomatoes and some not quite purple eggplants. I couldn’t resist her orange cherry tomatoes. These little beauties are sweeter then red cherry tomatoes and were snackable like berries! I ate half the bag on the ride home!


I couldn’t pass up the fresh baked banana bread. This was a real treat. Soft, moist and fresh; what more could you ask for in a cake style bread. The breads as well as some coffee cakes and cookies were being sold by Forty Five Market Street Bakery and Café out of Somersworth. I tried the bread, after a local feast of a dinner and it was excellent, one of the better banana breads I’ve had. Check them out on Facebook.

What’s a New Hampshire farmers’ market without maple syrup? Sadly I currently have 3 bottle of maple syrup in my house and don’t need any more for the time being but Sugar Mama’s Maple Farmer came ready for people like me. Not only were they selling Maple syrup but they also had maple candies and maple covered nuts.  So, of course, I couldn’t pass up the chance at some maple cover cashews! I enjoyed that little treat quickly and only have an empty bag to show for it.


So that was my farmers’ market adventure for today! Check back tomorrow to see what else I’ll discover tomorrow.   

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