Exploring the Local Farmers’ Market – Deerfield

My last two farmers’ market week blogs are coming to a close.  Yesterday I attended Deerfield’s Market. Deerfield is a quaint quiet little town nestled just north of Candia and route 101.  If offers a romantically scenic drive through rolling hills and farm yards. As you drive up route 43 toward the farmers’ market, which is located at 8 Raymanod Road, there is a rolling field set off to the right with a large old silo with green vines and blossoms growing up it. It’s a beautiful vision to see on your drive to the market.

The market is held in the parking local outside of the George B. White building. It is a charming little farmers’ market where locals go to meet, chat and buy their local produce and local made products. They offered hand spun wool and artisan crafts made out of the wool.


As you head into the market two very talented young ladies were playing the violin. These girls were extremely talented and had their violin cases set up to collect tips.

Also a young girl had a homemade lemonade stand set up where her profits were being donated to a cause.

Produce and baked goods were offered from a variety of vendors at the small market. It was bustling with people and liveliness. A grill was going and burgers were part of the offering as well as potted herbs and a woman selling all nature soaps and lotions.

Deerfield is a cute quaint farmers’ market well worth checking out!

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