A Hike with a View – Mount Chocorua

Everyone is looking for a room with a great view well how about exercise that offers the best scenery imaginable as far as the eye can see. Mount Chocorua is just that exercise with the reward of the most amazing views, a perfect place to enjoy life and get some perspective. Waterfalls and a 360 degree view of New Hampshire that offers clouds gently floating past the mountain tops, Mount Washington standing tall to the northern side of the peak and the lakes rest to the south. Mount Chocorua stands about 3490 feet while it’s not the tallest peak in the White Mountains it does offer a stunning panorama.




Mount Chocorua is at the eastern most section of the sandwich mountain range. It can be reached from the north by route 112 by the Champney Falls Trail, east from route 16 by the Piper Trailhead or south from route 25 by the Liberty Trail. I hiked Champney Falls. Champney Falls is named Benjamin Champney a famous White Mountains painter and offers about 70 feet of cascades. This was my trail of choice because it offers beautiful cascading waterfalls, the tranquil sound sooths the soul while the sight raises the spirit.   At one point, to the side of the trail, there are two waterfalls side by side. During the rainy seasons the falls are full and lovely.


Legend has it Mount Chocorua was named after a Native American man who was friendly with the colonists and left his son with to stay with them when he was called away. Upon his return he found his son had died after drinking poison. He blamed the family left in charge of his son. Chocorua was blamed for the murder of the wife and children of this family. The husband sought out Chocorua and shot him on Mount Chocorua. It was said before he died he cursed the man who had been responsible for his son and then jumped off of Mount Chocorua to his death. Since then, it is said this mountain was named after him. Although no record of this man exists.

Mount Chocorua is a difficult hike and at times can be considered strenuous by some. It is not an easy hike although easier and shorter than the Franconia Ridge hike. Weather conditions should be taken in to account before attempting this hike. This hike offers views of the lakes to the south, Mount Washington to the north and glorious New Hampshire all around. Ensure good health and properly packing for the hike.  The hike offers fantastic views from its summit and beautiful nature on the way up. Take the time to really enjoy this hike it’s worth it!



One thought on “A Hike with a View – Mount Chocorua

  1. Great post, superb pictures. I’ve climbed Chocorua many times and always thrill at the views. Good job.

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