Hiking Lockes Hill Trail and Mount Major

Getting stunning views aren’t limited to the mountains in New Hampshire, how about amazing views of the beautiful lakes region? There are two great, easy to moderate hikes that offer wonderful views and a fun place to relax.  Lockes Hill Trail is a short trail that offers a stadium seating view of lakes.  A few miles further down the road another adventure awaits on Mount Major.

Lockes Hill

Lockes Hill Trail is a 2 mile hike located in Gilford’s Kimball Wildlife Forest off of route 11. It’s a woodsy family friendly little hike. Markers as well as a well cut path make this hike an easy one. I did it in flip flops although I never recommend any hiking in open toed shoes. This is a hike to be sought out on a clear day because the views from the rock made stadium seating are stunning. The lakes sparkled in the sunlight and were hugged by the distant mountain range that enclosed around them. This hike can be a quick one just to stretch your legs or a perfect place to spend a day for a nice picnic with the family. Chair made of rock surround the amazing views of the lakes and make for a very picturesque image.

Mount Major

Mount Major is a 1786ft mini mountain along the lakes region. It’s just a short drive from Alton Bay. The loop trail for Mount Major is about 4 miles long and can be steep. It is a fun trail for older children. Young children may struggle with the incline. This hike is a pretty steady rise but the views wasn’t you cross the tree line are well worth it. We started out hike on the boulder loop trail and descended on the Brook Trail. The trail on the way up is one color and on the way down is another. Make sure if you start on the blue trail to finish on the yellow trail or switch if you start on the yellow make sure you finish on the blue. Sun kissed lakes and distant mountains make for a very awing sight. This tree is also known to be an amazing foliage hike and view! So with fall upon us and foliage peaking over the next two weeks it may be time to get out and enjoy a hike.

Mount Major has a dilapidated structure when you reach the summit. This was a small house built by Mr. George Phippen, the previous land owner. He built the house for hikers, to help avoid in climate weather.  The old house, just four crumbling walls, still has an old fire pit inside and two benches outside. Its location offers the best view and sitting on the benches outside offers a great place to have a drink, snack or a nice picnic.

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